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Just wrote these poems as part of a writing assessment thingy - I like how they turned out, so decided to share!




1. Use the following words in a poem of any style: forest, needle, eat, closet, match.

The closet needles me 

about my lack of organization.

I try to make things match, 

even as my attention strays.

I see the forest 

of things that need to be done

And think, 


Happily distracted, down I sit to eat.



2. Open the nearest book and pick a sentence from the middle of the page. From this sentence, write a poem in any style.

Sentence: “Home time is about rejuvenation, and reading at the end of the day is a big part of this (don’t make it work-related).


Happy sigh.

Book in hand,

I lean back into 

The couch cushions.


Tigger sleeps at my feet,

Kitty whiskers ruffling with dreams.


3.  Write a haiku from the perspective of a cloud.


I see green waving

Mountains and falcons, my friends -

What bliss, in flying.



4.  Write an acrostic poem for the name Annabelle. (Yes, just like in elementary school!)













5.  Use the following words in a poem of any style: exquisite, visit, glisten.


Your exquisite


With me -

Requisite or not -


A joy!


Your laughter remains,

I see it glisten

Like sun on dew-filled daisies

In my heart.


6. Write a poem about the color turquoise, but never mention the color itself.


The peacock struts and shares a fine display,

Fanning his way about the yard.


Fireworks on the night sky,

The Cote d’Azure,

The rings on your fingers -

Silvery metal surrounding 

the deepest ocean -

All echo, but never capture

 the color 

of your eyes.


7. Write a poem where one of the four seasons is personified. 


Lion? Lamb?

I am wind,

Rain, and light.


Flowers bloom

In my wake

As earth warms.



I bring all

Things good, life.


8.  Write a poem about a particular toy you had as a child.

Once I had 












Down the





Happiness in 







9.  Write a poem in the form of a shopping list, a horoscope, or a recipe.

A List

  • Get flowers

  • maple sugar candy for Mom

  • new book for Dad

  • Check reservation at Mozart’s Cafe

  • Find card to celebrate 56 years

  • Call Sweetie, and tell him I love him



10.  Write a poem about three wishes. 

Once upon a time

Aladdin’s lamp gave me

A goodly sum of wishes

I think that there were three.


For one, I asked, “A pony!”

Wise, and solid, and dear

One that could take me riding

From over there to here.


The second, I said, “A long life.”

And here I am today

I’ve seen the world come and go

But I am here to stay.


The third, the last, I wished, “A friend!”

I’m glad to say it’s true -

With this wish, I want no more.

Now that I’ve found you.


© 2019 Liz Huff all rights reserved

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